Objects N°1 – Salt Age

Eta del Sale

Fermentation and pickling jars 

As the land transforms the vegetation, the local culture has to adapt to the new conditions. Based on traditional crafts and local materials, the tools were designed as an evolution of the existing Venetian culture. Each of which embodies a different element of the lagoon; fermentation and pickling jars were inspired by the traditional Albarello—a ceramic storage jar dating back to the 15th century. The fermentation jar uses water as a sealing element, and with rush ornaments, it acts as a small marshland one can take home. The pickling jar is sealed with kelp—invasive algae common to the lagoon. The saltshaker is covered by the same algae, and with its rounded bottom, it is in constant movement, like the ever-changing landscape of the intertidal zones. Lastly, the drying rack, made from willow and rush, is inspired by the Italian Crivo. Hanged with a fishing net and anchored with a fishing sinker, it represents an evolution of the local fishing culture of Venice.

Details fermentation jar

Earthenware ceramic cast, Rush

Salt Shaker

Earthenware ceramic cast, Kelp, Rush

Details Drying Rack

Willow, Rush, Fishing twine

Object Concept & Design
Daniel Garber & Amalia Magril