ZINE N°1 – Salt Age

Eta del Sale

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The first issue of Raccogliere will tell the story of these objects, alongside features and short articles involving local designers, renowned scientists and campaigners as well as chefs. Together they collectively tell the stories around climate change, the dilemma of UNESCO protection and the inaccessibility of the marshlands as a common good.
    Each issue of the zine will follow the principle of using the lens of a non-human actor (such as plants, objects and animals) to engage with and thereby offering new pers-pectives on the changing ecosystem. The zine is printed on a risograph machine (rice-based inks) with three colours on recycled offset paper. The design of the first zine takes visual cues and references from the Venetian lagoon landscape.

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Preview Contents

03  Editoriale Editorial    
05  In conversazione con la salicornia  In Conversation with Salicornia  
09  Perdere terreno Losing Ground  
29  Cultura del sale Salt Cultures
37  Zone intertidali Intertidal Zones  
43  Mediare il territorio Mediating the Land  
45  Azioni per resistere e rigenerare Actions for Resistance and Regeneration
49  Combattere l’erosione sociale Battling Social Erosion
57  Assaggiare l’acqua Tasting the Water
65  Terra comune Common Land
69  Pagine Blu Blue Pages


Alberto Barausse
Chiara Pavan and Francesco Brutto (Venissa Restaurant)
Jane da Mosto (WeAreHereVenice)
Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun
incl. a review on John Thackara’s book excerpt on the Commons

Zine Editorial Concept & Design
Sigrid Schmeisser