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Zine Editorial Concept & Design
Sigrid Schmeisser

Object Concept & Design
Daniel Garber & Amalia Magril

Communication handled by Sigrid Schmeisser

Sigrid Schmeisser
is a designer from Austria, based in the Netherlands. Schmeisser works both in the arts & culture and the academic sector. A strong research and conceptual approach underpin her work, which varies from publications, exhibitions, and multi-media projects. Her own practice is built on the methods of visual journalism, that considers design as a narrative praxis with a site-specific approach. A particular focus point lies in the understanding of the waste and resource crisis as well as thinking design relationally by considering entanglements of more-than-human relationships.

Daniel Garber and Amalia Magril
are an Israeli design duo based in The Netherlands. Both graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem; Daniel is a graduate of the Department of Industrial Design and Amalia is a graduate of the Department of Visual Communication. Their multi-disciplinary approach uses design as a set of tools ranging from practical problem-solving to a way of interpreting the world. In their practice, the duo uses critical reflections and in-depth research of production systems, materials, and supply chains, as well as visual and material cultures, in order to better understand the different forces that shape our everyday lives and environments. Together, the two are currently undertaking a joint master's, in the Geo-Design program at Design Academy Eindhoven.